Chocolate Protein Mug Cake

If you have a sweet tooth like me or if you’re just looking for ways to make use of your protein powder, this recipe is super fast and easy no need to get messy or turn the oven on. In just 60 seconds you will enjoy  a piece of heaven….


Maple Garlic Chicken Wings

  I love chicken wings my favorite flavor  is Honey Garlic but we all know that its not a very healthy choice of a dish so I want to share with you a healthier version of chicken wings. The chicken wings that I’m going to make are not deep fried…


Cilantro Magic

  I woke up this morning, opened my fridge and saw my lovely green veggies waiting for me. As I was getting all the veggies ready I saw cilantro and I thought to myself Hmm! why not add it in my smoothie. I was curious how it will taste and…


Pre-Workout Smoothie

Pre-workout  meal is very important for me . I tried fasted workouts before and I literally died. I was so weak I could not perform well in my exercises. While It’s true that you can’t be too full before you workouts , your pre-workout meal should have a combination of low…


Homemade Hazelnut Spread

I am so excited to share this recipe with you  my healthy version of hazelnut spread.  I was going to make a dessert for Valentines Day. Originally I planned to make a chocolate cake with hazelnut frosting  but  Nah! I got overwhelmed  with the baking process  and the mess that I…


Quinoa Rice Bowl with Homemade Pineapple Curry Dressing

I saw on facebook the event “Squamish Valley Music Festival” that will be held in August, I got so excited when I saw the line up of artists who will be performing-  Serena Ryder, Foster The People, Arctic Monkeys, Pete Tong, Eminem, and BRUNO MARS!!! It’s so Cray! I will…


Breakfast Smoothie

Who doesn’t want energy in the Morning? Well, I do! This  smoothie is very refreshing and will  surely boost your energy levels. My favorite ingredient in this smoothie is the Raw Cacao powder. Rich in Antioxidants and essential minerals such as Magnesium, Iron, Zinc and Fiber. I personally like to…


Veggie Hater

For the longest time I hated eating vegetables. I couldn’t eat them raw or even if i cooked them I just did not like the taste. Thanks to the evolution of magic bullet and powerful blenders I found a way to incorporate veggies to my diet. It really helped me…